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VIDEOS about Martina Big

Barcroft TV Report
Be prepared
The BIG Evolution

In September 2013 I was the covergirl of the Music album "Think Big".

This video clip was cut from the promotional video of the Music album.
I hope you like it?
Video & Music by Volker Wollenschläger

This report about me has been sent around the world, by many TV stations, in January 2015.

In this animation you can see the enlargement progression of my breasts.
All steps, from the natural breast size until today :)
Do you like it?
Music by Volker Wollenschläger

TV Report on Channel 4

This report about me has been aired on February 10, 2016 on the British television channel "Channel 4".

Hawaiian dreams
Baywatch - episode 3
Hollywood Impressions

Can I invite you to a fantastic beach to Big Island?
Since it is so beautifully warm, I have chosen myself a very special outfit :)

Here is the 3rd episode of my Baywatch movies :)

The first episode was taken, in April 2016, at Malibu Beach in California.
The second episode was taken, in July 2016, at a German beach.
In the first episode I had 3700cc per breast.
In the second episode I had 4000cc per breast.

In this episode you can see me as a Baywatch mermaid, with 4250cc per breast, at the Paradise Palm Beach / USA.

Accompany me through Hollywood :)
View the enthusiastic reactions of the people to me, in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre.
Accompany me to public TV shows.
And accompany me through the most beautiful shopping mile of L.A. :)
Music by Volker Wollenschläger

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