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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Martina Big

My transformation


Anker 1


What were your motivations to change your look so much?
Why did you become a real life barbie?



Even as a child I often played with Barbie dolls and I liked it to wear pink outfits and glittery junk jewellery.

Later, as a model, I loved to take on various roles, such as Ice Princess Elsa, Lara Croft or Power Girl.

But these changes were not enough for me.

Over time my desire for a barbie look and strikingly big boobs was growing.

Barbie fascinated me so much that I live out this role in my life :)

But I did not want to be a one to one imitation of Barbie. I prefer to be a more extravagant modification of her.

Since I had this dream for a long time, I decided to go a step further :)

Therefore, I decided to have the surgeries.

As the saying goes: “Don't dream your life, live your dream."


Who are your role models?


Pamela Anderson and Katie Price.

Even in my youth I admired the round, standing boobs of Pamela Anderson, in the television series Baywatch, and the bimbo style of Katie Price in the media reports.


What do you enjoy about the Barbie look?


- big, round, standing breasts (therefore I wear special large breast implants)

- long, platinum blonde hair (therefore I have bleached hair and wear very long hair extensions)

- conspicuously long eyelashes (therefore I wear long, false eyelashes)

- petite, slender nose (therefore I underwent a rhinoplasty)

- full lips (therefore I get collagen lip injections at regular intervals)

- a brilliant smile (therefore I have porcelain veneers)

- long nails (therefore I have long, false nails with a lot of glitter)

- tanned skin (therefore I have a private solarium)

- slender waist, hips and legs (I train hard for it)

- sexy, pink clothes with lots of strass (I have a lot of it and my stock is growing!)

- high heels (I have a lot of it and my stock is growing!)

- bling jewellery (I have a lot of it and my stock is growing!)


How big are your breasts?


Currently I have a volume 8300cc per breast!

Soon they will be even bigger :)


Did you ever wish to have such strikingly large breasts?

Now that your breasts are big already, why do you still want even bigger breasts?


For a long time I desired to have big, round breasts :)

My boyfriend helped me get an realistic idea about the desired size of my breasts. To find my desired size he filled balloons with varying amounts of water. I put those balloons into my bra. So I got an idea of the size and the weight of my future implants. I was just convinced that 1000cc or 1500cc are much too small for my personal taste.

At this time 2000cc per breast was my dream goal. But when I reached 2000cc per breast, I found the result so great that I wanted even more :)


How is it possible that your breasts are getting bigger and bigger?


I don't have standard silicone implants but special saline implants.

They are very elastic and can be filled / enhanced inside my body by my surgeon, without further surgery.

With this method, the scars are significantly smaller than with silicone implants.


What is your cup size?


My natural bra size was 32 (70) D.

Currently I wear the British bra size 32 (70) S.

This corresponds to size 32 (70) DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.


Are bras still available in this size?


Since a long time I get no matching bras more in Central Europe.

Therefore, I bought my bras in the UK and in the US.

But now my breasts have grown so much that I even get there no matching bras more.

Therefore, now my bras are custom made by a seamstress.


What cup size you want to achieve?


If I continue to adjust my size proportionally I will reach a bra size of 32T.

But this is only theoretical.

The biggest cup size that is conventionally available is M or N.

Therefore my bras now custom made by seamstress.


Do you have problems finding suitable clothing?


No, I have my ways :)

I prefer to buy tops, blouses, sweaters and dresses made of a very stretchy material. These outfits tend to accentuate my curves very well :)

Some outfits that aren't that stretchable, I have tailored to measure.

Pants and skirts I buy conventionally.

But don't worry; I also have a huge selection of outfits in different styles available for photo shootings.



Do you suffer back pains because of your huge breasts?


No, I train my back regularly.

It's also very important to wear a matching bra.


Have you ever regretted a surgery?


Not really. After seeing the positive results I quickly forgot about the pain :)


Will you be still able to have children, after your transformation?


Yes, I can still have children.

My doctor thinks that breastfeeding is still possible aswell.


Were you scared about the surgeries?


I was somewhat excited, but I wasn’t scared.


What other plans do you have in the future to enhance your body?


I would like my Barbie look to be even more extreme.

First I want to fill my current implants, step by step, as far as is possible.

Furthermore, bigger lips and big butt implants are on my wish list :)


How do people react to you?


The reactions to my striking Barbie look are split. Many find me great, while others are quite intolerant.

While I'm outside, for example in the pedestrian zone, I'm stared at from all sides, especially during the summer when I wear tight tops. However, my breasts have grown so big that I can no longer hide them under loose clothing. But that doesn't bother me. I’m proud of my extravagant look :)

Since the press has been reporting on me, the peoples reactions have become even more intense. Some do not just stare at me, but sneak up behind me and watch me. I will also often be approached by people on the street.

A lot of them ask me: „Excuse me, may I ask you something? Could it be that I saw you on TV?” or others exclaim „I know you! I read about you on the newspaper!.” The men usually want to take pictures or an autograph. The women often ask me tons of questions, especially about my surgeries and my implants. And children find my Barbie look great :)

However, I've even been in situations that were scary to me, for example  in January when I was walking through the pedestrian zone of Trier, a boy suddenly yelled, "I think I'm going crazy! This is the big girl from TV!"

And soon there were many people around me. They wanted to photograph me with their phones, and some of them wanted an autograph from me. But luckily such extreme situations, with so many people at once, are quite rare.

But there are also many funny situations :)

Here are two examples:

As I was walking a cyclist was so busy staring at me that he knocked over a lamp post:)

Another time I went into a gas station to pay for the fuel. The man who walked in behind me was so irritated he knocked over a shelf :)

My boyfriend


Anker 2


What is your boyfriend’s name?


His name is Michael.


How did you meet him?


We met each other in high school. I was 17 and he was 18.

Ever since then we've been a couple :)


What's his profession?


My friend used to be a pilot. For several years we worked for the same airline.

Now he’s my manager. He helps me with organizational matters. He is my driver and a useful aid during my photographic shootings tours. But not only in business but also in my personal life, he is my partner.



What does your boyfriend think of your body modification?


My boyfriend thinks my new look is great :)
He often buys me great outfits that accentuate my curves :)


Is Michael supportive of your transformation?


Yes, we have realized my dream together :)

My friend has helped me with my transformation.

For the many cosmetic procedures extensive preparations were necessary. My friend helped me find good surgeons for my project and accompanied me to my counselling sessions and to the surgeries themselves.

Now he accompanies me to every single fill up and rejoices with me about every cc that my breasts grow :)


flight attendant


Anker 3


What did your friend and you study at school?

How did you get to become a flight attendant?


In high school we had chosen a mathematical-scientific-technical focus. At the time we received the High School Diploma, an airline in our region was fully in its ascending phase and looking for new flight crews. My friend and I applied to the airline. We both got an apprenticeship, him as a pilot and me as a flight attendant After 3 months I completed my training successfully and was accepted to the airline. My boyfriend was also taken after two years of training.


What about your transformation made it necessary to quit?


On the “Medical” (Recurring medical exam by a flight surgeon) I was told that my body modifications had no effects as long as my health is not harmed by them.

The actual reason was: As a flight attendant I was expected to uphold a neutral image.

Small, discreet body modifications are no problem for a flight attendant.

However, I wanted a striking, extravagant look.

So I had to decide to either keep my former job or realize my long-held dream.

And I've made the right decision :)




Do you miss working as a flight attendant?


No, many people believe that flight attendants have an exciting and varied dream job.

I like to travel. And like to get in touch with people.

But sometimes the job is pretty stressful. Some passengers can be very tiring. And if you always fly the same lines it will quickly become very monotonous.


Can you still fly in a plane with your boobs?


Yes, that's no problem :)

As model I have many international bookings. Therefore I have to fly very often.

But at the airport, at the security check, I will sometimes be patterned suspiciously.

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